Italian Pasta Factory

Flavour, Quality and prestige.

These words embrace a history of more than 75 years in the production of Italian

Coming all the way from Italy, Bettini family settled in a colourful neighbourhood in Cordoba, Argentina, where they started a small pasta factory, an inherited family tradition.

They combined their exquisite recipes with ingredients they found in the country and achieved the most renown pastas in the market.

They grew breathlessly and kept on investing in technology, quality standards and training which has lead them to become the exemplary factory it is today.

Argentina, an agri-food country.

It allows us actual access to the best raw material available.

Due to its mild and subtropical climate, Argentina is renown worldwide for being one of the leading producers of the best meat, cheese and flour in the world.

And for being located at the centre of this agribusiness country with availability to fresh and select raw material, we have a competitive edge over other regions.

New Plant, new production lines.

Recent investments: new plant, new production lines.

The consolidated growth in demand and the opening of new international markets have led us to invest in a new industrial plant.

It is located in a strategic spot with access to the best suppliers of raw material as well as to the main highways in the country.

Equipped with cutting edge technology recently imported from Italy that has allowed us to optimize and make more effective the productive processes, the new plant has become an exemplary plant in the production of pasta.

What makes the difference:

  • Unique recipes.

  • Access to top quality raw material.

  • Cutting edge technology.

  • Exemplary plant.

  • Specialized professionals.

  • Strict quality standards.

  • Long history and broad experience.

New Packaging, new flavours.

The new image achieves a more friendly approach to the consumer.

The new designs in packaging convey the nutritional attributes of the pasta in a friendly manner. In this way, customers can better choose their food.

Some of the nutritional attributes include:

  • 0% trans fat

  • Source of proteins

  • Source of dietary fibre

  • Low in cholesterol

  • Low in total fat

  • Low in saturated fat

From Cordoba to the world.

Our products are sold in retail stores in 8 different countries.

Our secret lies in working with traditional Italian recipes, the best raw materials, strict quality standards, technology innovation and a team of professional excellence that delivers the administration and operation. Not to mention the Italian magic that has been passed down from generation to generation.

We produce fresh and frozen pasta of all kinds and in all assortments. We use modern production methods, such as pasteurization, deep-freezing and modified atmosphere packaging.

The expiration date in frozen conditions (0 to 8° C) is up to 3 months and in deep-frozen conditions (-18° C) it is between 10 and 12 months.

A community of friends.

We forge close ties with our customers.

We provide them with tasters in gathering places, where they shop, at events, places of interest... we are always present!

We have made countless friends in the most popular communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Google, which allow us a rich interaction.

We run raffles with a variety of prizes so that customers can have the opportunity of both taking our products home and visiting us in our locations. Not to mention the massive communication with customers through traditional media.

Corporate social responsibility

Bettini contributes actively and voluntarily to social and environmental enhancement of the community where we do business, with the intent of improving the quality o life of society as a whole.

Bettini maintains its commitment to society, and as it has been since our beginnings, we are actively involved in different actions in favour of society.:

  • Donations to charity canteens for children.

  • Donations to sports clubs.

  • Donations to NGOs.

  • Donations to educational establishments.

  • Sponsor for amateur football, rugby, basketball, female hockey teams and boxers.

  • Sponsor for events carried out by NGOs.

Bettini is committed to the protection of the environment. Producing responsibly and respectfully towards the environment is a priority.

With a focus on Environmental Management we believe in protecting and improving the community in which we are immersed. Year after year our accounting confirms improvement in water, energy and waste management.